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5 mistakes you are making with your business page on Facebook

Facebook is the most sought after social media platform by brands and businesses to establish a reputation and boost sales, you must be amongst the flock of businesses trying to leverage Facebook to their advantage. Is your Facebook page not performing up to your expectation? Low engagement and poor reach has put you at wits’ end? If you are facing the above problems then Techflix will help you solve the Enigma that is Facebook.

Let’s think from a consumer’s point of view, when and which page did you like recently? What drove you to hit their like button, was it the picture or content? These aspects are the deciding factor which compel the audience to like a page out of interest. Precisely why,

brands tend to outsource digital marketing services to curate captivating and engaging content to attract the audience’s interest. Let’s go through 5 mistakes that stand as a roadblock between your business and success.

1. Focusing entirely on promotional posts :

In a world driven by social media, where consumer is king and competition is cut throat, every brand is vying for the audience’s attention. How to gain a competitive edge and retain audience’s attention you ask? The answer is simple, do not be too salesy!

Yes, you read that right. We know the purpose of having a Facebook page is marketing but focusing all your content entirely on promotional posts will have adverse repercussions. The social audience certainly does not prefer it and Facebook’s algorithm is centered on the audience. You need to brainstorm and put interesting content out there,

something that’ll influence the reader to invest their time on your post and engage. Hence, your posts will appear on their news feed more and your organic reach will multiply. Whereas, you can save the promotional posts for paid advertising on Facebook. ..

2. Being inconsistent :

Can you recall the last time you posted on your page? How many days ago was it? How big is the gap between your last post and the one before it? If you have to think hard about this, then we have a problem. Unplanned and irregular posting habit is a major reason why you have sluggish growth. Be consistent in your posts, plan ahead and publish posts daily, heck sometimes even put up multiple posts in a day. You’ll witness the change in your page’s reach and engagement level automatically.

This is imperative to your growth, because if you won’t put your voice out there then how do you expect people to pay you attention? Consistency is key!

3. Ignoring comments:

This point is self-explanatory and simple. Initiate conversation with your audience! The whole point of putting up content is to get the audience invested in your brand and the purpose fails if you bail on responding to comments.
Reply to your customers and let them know their comments are valued. The advantage of social media is to build direct relationship with your customer and every time you fail to reply, you miss on a huge opportunity to gain attention, increase engagement and show your expertise..

4. Unattractive Pictures:

When you surf on Facebook the first thing you notice is the picture and if the picture is lame or boring, what do you do? You scroll pass it. See the point? Audience craves fun and authenticity. Stock images are too boring and fake. Your social campaign should be diverse and a mix of attractive and real pictures to keep the audience interested and entertained. Get personal and share real pictures of your facility, product or service to allow the customer to see what your business is about. Show them a glimpse to create curiosity within them and pique their interest by visually stimulating pictures..

5. Not utilizing the power of Facebook ads:

Running ads on Facebook is a smart marketing channel. It allows you to direct your campaign specifically to your niche audience in a far more cost friendly manner than traditional advertising. It can help grow your page and sales with targeted ads swiftly!!


If you are guilty of committing these mistakes then the way forward is to simply regroup your outlook on your social media presence. Bear in mind that your page is representing your brand on an online forum. So commit yourself to work in the interest of your online presence, plan a well-crafted social media strategy, one which address all the above mistakes to nurture your brand’s position in the market. Avoid slacking, be productive and seize the opportunities coming your way. Good luck! Techflix is available at your disposal for queries or concerns regarding social media marketing!