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Lack Of Technology In Pakistan

In this age of modernization, everything is increasing at a much faster pace and all this is happening due to the skyrocket increase in technology and its uses in our everyday drill. With a towering rise in the number of people utilizing the internet, constantly checking their smartphones, and relying on other forms of media for entertainment and work related activities has caused urgency in the need of technology.

None can deny that the existence of new technology across the world has dramatically changed the society, but the question is “Is Pakistan still facing the issue of lack of Technology”? The answer is, Yes!

Technology in Pakistan is still a slow march. The IT industry in Pakistan has a massive and huge potential for growth but the initial snags in the industry has caused this sector to slow down. Lack of funds, illiteracy, traditionalist society, lack of infrastructure and the limited home market, have deterred the entrepreneurial projects and startups from moving forward.

The cost of advanced technology is very high and countries like Pakistan where domestic savings and investments are a very small percentage of GDP, faces growth constraints. Furthermore, the orthodox and backward social set-up makes Pakistan a traditionalist society where people resist change and this proves to be an obstacle in the way of use of modern technologies. People in Pakistan are still not used to adapting new technologies and still show a stick-in-the-mud thinking.

Another factor that has hindered innovation in Pakistan is the lack of investment in human development; Pakistan does not have any startup to encourage innovation. The traditionalist approach and systems have created a lot of problems for Pakistan in this era of rapid growth.

According to global innovation index 2018, Pakistan ranks at 72 in knowledge and Technology outputs with weakness in new businesses.The low ranking is evidence of the fact that innovation policies are not really given importance in the education and business belts of the country.

Recently the Pakistan’s education approach has been inclining towards entrepreneurial startups and there are a number of startups which are coming into reality. This is the kind of approach a country needs and along with the right access to technology Pakistan can do wonders. Quality and research creates an environment for innovation and thus increasing investments on IT sector can prove to be a great milestone in the history.

In the twenty first century, evolution and constant use of technology greatly impacts the standard of living of people and similarly the economy of the country. In Pakistan, Investing in R&D would not just enhance the technical capabilities of the people but would provide them relevant and required hands-on experience and exposure. Embracing this idea and approach intelligently will surely speed up Pakistan’s evolution and success rate.

Thus, It is time for the government and the tech-setups in Pakistan to step up and avail themselves of the numerous opportunities the tech world is ready to offer. The benefits are uncountable with playing a constructive role in the 21st century tech economy.